Back to the Blues

7 pm February 10 — Sign up for the Zoom Link.

We have a theme.   I might have something to say about playing the major scales and what changes make them blue.   We have been doing some research into software that will allow folks to Jam together.  So far Jamulus is the product I would choose.

If you join the circle you may listen or make a request of any other player.   They might say no but you can ask.   You can ask a question of any other player.  For example, “Why do people use alternate tunings?”.   Someone will have an answer.  You can give us a song or tell us why you want to play. 

If you have some political point of view that scans and rhymes and you can play along with the result, that is welcome too.  Political songs are a very old musical tradition.  With a day or so advance notice I’ll even provide a breakout room for those who just want to rant.   Everyone is welcome.  Banjo pickers, flat pickers, cotton pickers.  Live better through music.

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