The purpose of VISION 2030 is to create a collective vision for the VFSS’s future. During the process, we will reflect on our past, celebrate what we hold dear, and decide how best to move forward.

We formed the VFSS Vision 2030 Committee in 2019, and made plans for an exciting full-day visioning workshop in 2020 with a professional facilitator who loves folk music. The in-person workshop has been postponed due to COVID-19. 

While we wait, we are reaching out to VFSS members for input about your hopes for the Folk’s future. Your input will help us create a collective vision for the VFSS.  See responses below.

Current question: Please send us a song that represents what is important to you about the VFSS.

Thanks for participating and we’d love to hear from you.

VFSS Vision 2030 Committee

Elizabeth Dunn, Janie Benna, Christina Ray, Mary Sherlock, Maureen Hannah & Jim Edmondson.

Sixtieth Anniversary Stories

During this interim period, we would also like to share some wonderful stories submitted during the promotion of the VFSS’s recent Sixtieth Anniversary event (June 2019).