Mary Sherlock

What does the VFSS mean to its members?

The VFSS Vision 2030 Committee is out to find the answer and asked members to submit a song that they believe represents what is important about the VFSS.

Mary Sherlock wrote: “I grew up in England but knew very little about the rich culture of traditional folk music in the UK. I think ‘Greensleeves’ was the only song I knew in my childhood. The Vancouver Folk Song Society introduced me to so much traditional music from the country of my birth. I had to travel across the wide ocean to learn a song such as ‘I Like to Rise’.

One of the things I like best about the VFSS is joyful group singing. This song has the best lead-up to a raucous group chorus!”

Listen to Mary’s choice here:

Founding the Folk

1. Jeannie (Cox) Moss’ one page article on the founding of the Folk Song Circle was published in Vol 1 Issue 1 of  “Come All Ye”, the VFSS Journal (July 1972). It mentions the five people responsible for founding the Circle at the Alma YMCA back in 1959 — Albert Cox, Jeannie (Cox) Moss, Phil and Hilda Thomas, and Rolf Ingelsrud. It’s a reminder of the work done by the early FSC pioneers, and since carried on by so many others, in fostering acoustic folk music in Vancouver.  

2. Roger Holdstock’s article on the VFSS was published in Vol 20 Issue 1 of the Canadian Folk Music Bulletin (March 1986). Roger’s article does a fine job of summarizing the Folk, and its activities and ambience twenty-six years after its inception.