Adding to the Website

1.   A WordPress website/blog is nothing more than a set of posts, blog entries.   That is the base case for a free site. 

2. VFSS.CA is a WordPress site with the content and structure, more or less, of the website.    It has a page for “PERFORMERS” that has only four of us at the moment.   I’d be happy to create a page for you or anyone else that has audio or video content we could post.

3.  If you accept my invitation to become an AUTHOR you can make posts to the BLOG which can contain audio or video.  That is you can just create a post like a web page with content.   Anyone with editor access can link posts to pages.

4.  If you graduate to EDITOR  you can create and maintain the static pages that host the content from  You also have input into the format of pages that is unavailable to Authors. That means you can create a new performer page and link the performers posts to the page.   Volia a performance site. 

5. Another important task for new EDITORS could be to assist in the migration of parts of the current website that they think are particularly important.


Vision 2030

VISION 2030 Workshop: Thanks to everyone who sent in their replies to the question: What is one experience connected with the Folk that really stands out for you? Why? We’ve received some great stories and would love to hear from more of you Folk enthusiasts! We’ve extended the response window to Sunday Aug 9th – please reply to:  and put ‘VISION 2030’ in the subject line.

The Snow Geese

Each year the snow geese migrate from the Arctic and pass through Ladner where they pause to refuel at Reifel Isalnd Bird Sanctuary. I was inspired to write this song about them. They are a seasonal marker for me, and I love to go and watch them in their hundreds as they rest and feed in the fields and on the shorelines.

Cheerful Songs for Trying Times 5

Casting about for a way to share some of the good cheer and community that we experience at our Folk Song Society Wednesday evenings, I came upon a recording of a full songcircle that I made back on April Fool’s Day, 2015. Since our songcircle that would have taken place on April 1 would have been on a similar theme, it seems appropriate to share selections from that recording now.

Here is Rick Pollay singing the Wompom song from our Parodies and Silly Songs night.