Using Zoom’s Speaker View While Performing

If you normally watch Zoom sessions in “Speaker” or “Active Speaker” view in order to see a larger video image of whoever is performing, you will probably wish to change your view when it’s your own turn to perform.  Zoom’s default behaviour in Speaker view is to show the most recently active audio source, OTHER THAN YOURSELF, as the large image.  Thus, as you talk/sing/play, the large image that you see will be whoever previously spoke, usually the MC who introduced you, and you probably don’t want to watch just that one person’s reaction to your performance.

Your alternatives are:

  1. Switch to Gallery view before you start your performance, to see the whole audience as small images (or as much of the audience as will fit in your Zoom window).

  2. Stay in Speaker view but “pin” your own video image before you start your performance, to see yourself as the large image.  If running Zoom on a computer, hover your mouse pointer over the small image of yourself, click on the “•••” that appears in the top-right corner of the image, and select Pin from the drop-down menu.  If using a tablet or phone, double-tap on the small image of yourself.  When you’re done, click or tap on Remove Pin or, if using a phone, double-tap on the large image.

  3. If on a computer (but not a tablet or phone), in the Video Settings pane, check the “See myself as the active speaker while speaking” option.  You may have to scroll down to see that option.  You can do this well in advance of when you perform, and it will change the behaviour of Speaker view until you un-check the option.

  4. If none of the above alternatives is acceptable to you, when you have unmuted to start your performance, verbally ask the tech hosts to “spotlight” your video.