Pickers Circle

Current Highlights: https://youtu.be/eFW-4KZatGw

Scroll down and sign up to get the Zoom link. Pickers who wish to play should know something about Zoom:

  1. You must enable Original Sound — Go to Zoom Guidelines for details.
  2. Please prefix your Zoom name with a number or learn to raise your hand, if you wish to play. Details at the bottom of the page windows zoom.
  3. Ear buds/phones are a very good idea — they prevent echo on most systems.
  4. If you have technical difficulties contact me anytime offline. I’m here to help.

If you just came to listen don’t bother with a number and you won’t be asked to play. Following the demonstration we may break into learning and listening groups. It depends on how may of us are present.

Past Circles:

Feb 24 4pm Writing a Song What do you need to know to write your first song? Tell us how you found the way. Highlights at https://youtu.be/eFW-4KZatGw

Feb 10 — Back to the Blues — sing or play anything blue – or just about anything. Video Highlights.

Jan 13 — The Cat Came Back — another song and a circle. Session highlights https://youtu.be/LIgTrZUdWdg

Dec 23rd Songs for Christmas with Thomas Mathieson. session highlights https://youtu.be/eGbMKohGRf8 

Dec 9 I got Rhythm – session highlights on YouTube

Nov 25 3-5 pm Open Tunings — Stoo Born. Video Workshop and Session Highlights.

Nov 11 Bluegrass — Doc’s Guitar – Video workshop and Session Highlights

Oct 28 Train Songs — Freight Train — Video workshop

Oct 14 – Joe Turner — Lyrics and chords . Session Highlights on You-Tube.

Chromatic Scales The names of all the notes on the Fret board.

Sept 30 – Froggy Went a Courtin

Diatonic Scales Do re mi fa so la ti do. Everywhere in every key.


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