Pickers Circle

Nov 25 3-5 pm Open Tunings — Stoo Born. Video Workshop and Session Highlights.

Pickers who wish to play should know something about Zoom:

  1. You must enable Original Sound — Go to Zoom Guidelines for details.
  2. You need to prefix your Zoom name with a number. Pick a number from 1-100 and try not to have the same number as your neighbor. We use these numbers to go around the circle. Details at the bottom of the page windows zoom.
  3. Ear buds/phones are a good idea — they prevent echo on some systems.
  4. If you have technical difficulties contact me anytime offline. I’m here to help.

If you just came to listen don’t bother with a number and you won’t be asked to play. Following the demonstration we will break into learning and listening groups.

Past Circles:

Nov 11 Bluegrass — Doc’s Guitar – Video workshop and Session Highlights

Oct 28 Train Songs — Freight Train — Video workshop

Oct 14 – Joe Turner — Lyrics and chords . Session Highlights on You-Tube.

Chromatic Scales The names of all the notes on the Fret board.

Diatonic Scales Do re mi fa so la ti do. Everywhere in every key.


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