Roger Howard

This week we received sad news about one of our members.

I’m writing to let Roger’s friends, colleagues, comrades, and neighbors know that he died yesterday (April 26) of complications from covid. I do not want folks to feel sad or sorry for me. I feel I have been incredibly blessed to have loved and been loved by this beautiful and brilliant companion for more than half a century. The last decade of his life was difficult because of the challenges of living with progressive dementia and physical disability and I am rejoicing that that long struggle is over. I am full of gratitude for the life he shared with me and I am also looking forward to what I may be able to learn, enjoy and share with others in the coming years…pat

Roger was Pat Howard’s husband, and together they have been long-time members of the VFSS. While Pat served on the board for many  years, Roger preferred to contribute quietly behind the scenes, especially with his cameras at the retreats, slipping in and out of sessions to capture some wonderful and candid moments. At one retreat, he presented a memorable workshop on the music of Woody Guthrie with friends to lead the featured songs. Roger was also an enthusiastic honorary member of the Lazy Jacks shanty crew.

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