Welcome to the official site of the Vancouver Folk Song Society, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The VFSS is for singers, musicians, and people who like to sing with others. We welcome performers and listeners of all ages and abilities and from all cultures.

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Note: The VFSS takes the risks of Covid-19 seriously. We cannot eliminate all risk of exposure, by we do try to limit the risk by caring for each other through our Covid safety measures.

We ask that everyone screen themselves for Covid symptoms before each VFSS in-person event, and attend only if you are symptom-free. Each event has additional safety measures in place, such as masking, ventilation, and distancing.
• The VFSS Song Circle — first and third Wednesday of every month

Either in-person at the Friends’ Meeting House or online via Zoom (not both).
See Calendar for details.

• VFSS 2022 Retreat — Friday, September 30 to Sunday, October 3

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Final Notice (emailed on Sep. 15)

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Recent POSTS

  • From the Archives: The Banks of the Similkameen


    During the September 21, 2022 online song circle, we played the first minute and a half of this recording of The Banks of the Similkameen, sung by Phil Thomas and accompanied by Barry Hall on the banjo, recorded at the 10th anniversary gathering of the VFSS in July, 1969. Here’s the full recording:

  • From the Archives: The Family of Woman and Man


    During the March 16, 2022 online song circle, we played the first minute of this recording of Three Strong Winds (Jim Edmondson, Christina Ray, and Ellen van der Hoeven) singing The Family of Woman and Man, recorded at a VFSS Retreat in 1991. Here’s the full recording:

    Here are the lyrics:


  • Medieval ear-worm challenge


    Riu Riu Chiu

    Can you learn one of the 3 parts of this 16th century spanish villancico before we meet again in person? Beware, the catchy tune and rhythm with an extra beat thrown in at the end of phrases can quickly become an endless loop in your aural channels.


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