Pickers Circle – Oct. 28

Doors open 3 pm — Session ends at 5 pm

Session Highlights on Youtube. Click here.

mailto: Charles@westrc.com for the Zoom link

This session features Train songs but that’s only a suggestion. I will go through Liz Cotton’s Freight Train as a basic introduction to Travis Picking for beginner/intermediate players. Chord shapes are C Em F and G and G7. If someone wants to do it in A we can do that.

Freight Train with a metronome
1 23 41 23 4
CG7 G7
Freight Trainfreight trainrun so fast G A B
Freight trainfreight traingoin’ so fast C B Bb
Em Em7F F
Please don’tsay what train I’m on So They
won’t knowwhere I’ve gone.

If some just wish to play and listen we can break into two groups.

Beginners should review Chromatic and Diatonic scales but this is not a prerequisite.

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