Pickers Circle – Nov. 25

Open Tunings with Stoo Born.

Doors open 3 pm — Session ends at 5:00 pm

Session Highlights on Youtube. Click here.

mailto: Charles@westrc.com for the Zoom link

This session features Open Tunings. but that’s only a suggestion, people play what they please or make requests in the circle. Questions and comments are always welcome. Use the chat or send e-mail.

Stoo Born from Music and More on Main will demonstrate some open tunings and show beginner/intermediate players how to re-tune their guitar. A digital tuner is a nice thing to have handy.

Pickers who wish to play should know something about Zoom:

  1. You must enable Original Sound
  2. You need to prefix your Zoom name with a number. Pick a number from 1-100 and try not to have the same number as your neighbor. We use these numbers to go around the circle.
  3. Ear buds/phones are a good idea — they prevent echo on some systems.
  4. If you have technical difficulties contact me anytime offline. I’m here to help.

If you just came to listen don’t bother with a number and you won’t be asked to play. Following the demonstration we will break into learning and listening groups.

Beginners should review Chromatic and Diatonic scales but this is not a prerequisite.

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