White Christmas


 A       3    2  0 2   Bm    F#6   9  
 I'm dream  ing of a   white Christmas
 D     4    5   E7   10 9    7  A
 Just like the ones   I used to know
        0    2   2    F#7    0   D        Dm7
 Where the treetops glisten and children listen
    A    3       2    0   2  Bm      E7  3 2 0
 To hear sleigh bells in the snow
 A       3    2  0  2   Bm    F#6   9  
 I'm dream   ing of a   white Christmas
 D    4   5   E7   10  9    7  A
 With every  Christmas card I write
 May your days be merry and bright
         A        D     E7       A
 And may all your Christmases be white 

This arrangement in 4/4 time has the melody mostly on the top two strings. The numbers are the fret numbers of the melody on either the b or e strings.  The E7 chord is usually played on the 7th fret 779797 except for the last line in each verse where it is the usual E7 in first position.

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